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The back yard is not the kind of place for a 9 year old kid to contemplate ‘what is the meaning of life the universe and everything’, it’s a place for a child to have fun, either on their own or with other kids, it’s an environment where you explore and push your physical and emotional boundaries. The only serious discussion you would expect a kid to put thought into is what soda to drink, or what can you put on your breakfast cereal besides milk? Or maybe who would win a fight between the Hulk, Iron Man and Thor, stuff like that.

It’s certainly not the arena where you would expect a little kid to philosophize and contemplate on what is the meaning of life. But i guess some children (like this boy) have come to the realization that it’s the perfect place to push the envelope on some serious thought issues.

This little 9 year old back yard Philosopher tackles some of the biggest questions out there – Why are we on Earth? What is the meaning of life the universe and everything? And, finally, might our life be predestined? – Nothing too heavy, just something to ponder while he climbs about on his backyard slide

What is The Meaning Of Life And The Universe?

What Is The Meaning Of Life As Told By A 9yr Old Kid 01.

You don’t expect a 9 year old to want to discuss what is the meaning of life, free will, alternate universes, and alien lifeforms, all that other stuff that gives you a headache, but this kid does. And he’s got some pretty damn good thoughts on whats going on out there, more than a lot of grown-ups could ever possibly achieve.

It all ends with the most important discussion of all. Ever. Humankind’s attitude towards baseball and music is explained perfectly by this kid. It’s almost as if you are witnessing a zen-like moment of history. In a back yard.

So forget all those old wizened men with beards who talk in riddles, the real sages of this earth are 9 year old kids playing on a slide in their backyard, they are the ones who really know stuff about ‘stuff’.

They should make him a government adviser.

If you are still on the same page as this kid, hungry for more, and in search of enlightenment when it comes to ‘what is the meaning of life the universe and everything’ then check out the full seven minute interview below.

It’ll blow your mind.

The Full Interview With A 9 Year Old philosopher

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