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If you miss the days of video rentals and VHS (or, god forbid, the short-lived Betamax) then this Thor 3: Ragnarok trailer done in the style of a 1980s movie should make you feel nice and nostalgic. If you’ve seen the actual Thor Ragnarok trailer then you’ll know they went in hard with the 1980s Flash Gordon stylings anyway, so making a trailer for the film as though it came out in 1987 seems like the perfect fit. perfect in a cheesy way.

The video is the brainchild of actor/comedian Chris Hardwick’s website Nerdist and they’ve re-titled the movie Thor 3: Ragnarok, and have done an excellent job of de-making it too. Not only have they added in the lo-fi effects so the footage resembles a damaged VHS, but they’ve edited in some fun throwbacks to the 80s too.

For instance, in this alternate Thor 3: Ragnarok trailer whenever the Hulk is shown, it’s not the CGI version we know now but the painted green Lou Ferrigno Hulk from The Incredible Hulk US TV series. We also get a 1980s era Jeff Goldblum too. It’s like the trailer for the new Thor 3 movie we never knew we wanted, with a brilliantly cheesy voiceover from Darin De Paul and over the top title descriptions thrown inflatedly around.

How The ‘Thor 3: Ragnarok’ 1987 Trailer Was made

Thor 3 Ragnarok 1987 Trailer 01.

“We used the Time Stone to travel across the decades and unearth the long-lost, forgotten trailer for the 1987 classic Thor 3: Ragnarok.” explain Nerdist, tongue firmly in cheek. “With VHS distortion, ‘cutting-edge’ special effects, and way too much expository voiceover (provided by the incredible Darin De Paul), this trailer is a fascinating look into what could have been–much like Marvel’s own What If? comics back in the day. Now we’re hoping that, much like Logan: Noir, we’ll get a similarly stylized Thor: Ragnarok VHS-ified full-length version too.”

It’s a lot of fun and the Thor 3: Ragnarok trailer even got some recognition from director Taika Waititi too. See below. Along with the 1970s and 80s sci-fi/fantasy art aesthetic, parodied by Nerdist, that director Waititi has cited as an influence. Another huge inspiration for Thor 3: Ragnarok, along with Marvel legend Jack Kirby, was comic book writer and artist Walter Simonson‏ and his The Mighty Thor comics from the 80s.

Marvel Comic Book Thor Writer/Artist Honored

Thor 3 Ragnarok 1987 Trailer 02.Walter Simonson‏ with his The Mighty Thor comics from the 80s / Image:Wikipedia.

Now, thanks to Russian Marvel fan @AidarSM, you can see exactly how they relate in the comparison images below. Which got a shout out from Simonson‏ and an acknowledgement from Waititi who said, “Thank you to this legend, @WalterSimonson, for creating such iconic moments for us to copy!”

Thor 3 Ragnarok 01.Image credit: @AidarSM / Marvel Entertainment


Thor 3 Ragnarok 02.Image credit: @AidarSM / Marvel Entertainment


Thor 3 Ragnarok 03.Image credit: @AidarSM / Marvel Entertainment


Thor 3 Ragnarok 04.Image credit: @AidarSM / Marvel Entertainment

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