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Its that time of year again where we excited about our annual summer holiday, a duration where we are either looking forward to an exciting vacation abroad, or if staying at home, planning for some fun days out with family and friends.

The only one thing when it comes to a summer holiday that none of us can guarantee is the weather, and if it turns to rain, lets face it, no matter where you are you need to have a few good ideas on how to while away the hours and keep you entertained while the rain falls and you are stuck inside.

This forward planning comes into its own when you live, especially in Britain, for it can turn from being a lovely sunny day into a deluge in no time at all. If you live in, or have ever visited the United Kingdom then you will know it is the main topic of casual conversation (Brexit aside), especially so when people are on their summer holiday.

Unpredictability has taught the British that a few good plans ‘just in case’ are worth their weight in gold, especially if there are children involved.

Things To Do At Home When It Rains

kids-on-phone-summer-holiday.Children playing games on thie smartphones / Img source via

If you are staying at home check the local newspapers for free activities that are going to be available over your summer holiday weeks. Usually you will find sports and crafts activities on offer which will suit most tastes. Some activities do have a small fee attached but are well worth the cost if it keeps your little folk happy.

Maybe you want some excitement without leaving the comfort of your sofa then consider playing some free casino games on your mobile phone. This is a great time consumer, lots of fun, and does not cost a penny. Simply visit a popular UK online casino like Fruity King, download their App & start playing free casino games. You can play a huge variety of games like poker, live roulette, or slots.

Remember to pick up a few things for home in preparation of your summer holiday, just in case of inclement weather. Coloring and crafting items can be found at a reasonable cost in your local supermarkets along with the weekly shop and in this way, you won’t break the bank buying supplies all in one go.

Taking a few crafty items along with you if you are traveling abroad is not a bad idea either as its better to be safe than sorry.

Getting Out On Your Rainy Summer Holiday

night-at-the-museum-summer-holiday.Night At The Museum / Image Source Via

Make sure you check out the opening times of the local museums as many have exciting discovery trails for children as well as all of the usual wonderful things that you can see there. The same goes for any local aquariums as it’s always good to lose yourself under the water with the weird and wonderful fish and other aquatic creatures.

You should also check out your local cinema which should have special deals on for the duration of the summer holidays, and as long as you buy in your own treats then the cinema should not be too expensive.

Pre-buying in a stash of goodies and hiding them away is another way of cutting the costs of rainy days. Snuggling down in front of the TV to watch a good family movie with some special treats to eat and drink is always a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon.

With all this summer holiday planning for other people make sure you remember that you too will need to find something to do as well after havimg made sure that everyone else is sorted out and content.

If you do not want to leave the room unattended then you might find that using your mobile phone to source some online games to play, Today’s smartphones are perfect for doing this and you can find many games and apps that have been optimized just for the mobile phone.

With a little forward thinking bad weather does not have to ruin your summer holiday, and if you find that even after all of your planning squabbles break out then don the wellington boots and macs and get out into the wild wet yonder, after all a little water never hurt anyone, did it?

wet beach summer holiday.Walking on the beach in the rain / Img source via

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