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Sleep tech is serious business when it comes to your overall well-being, state of mind and energy levels in this fast paced modern world. Any adult knows that a perfect eight hours of sleep just isn’t going to happen every night. The world is a loud and distracting place. There are so many factors that can alter our slumber during the night, that it’s not very surprising that many are turning to technology to help us get a decent 40 winks.

With the news that Apple has recently purchased sleep monitoring system Beddit, sleep tech is at an all-time high. For the person who has tried all sorts of herbal remedies to improve their sleep but to no avail, then tech could well be the answer. Although many people quickly jump at the idea of the newest smartphones, TVs, or laptops when we think of tech, there are still many items without wires or chips to consider using if you desire a better night’s sleep. So if there are sleep aids out there that work you need to know about them.

We wanted to look at what sleep tech possibilities are available and whether or not we think they’d be useful.

Under Armour Pajamas

Sleep Tech Under Armour.

This is apparently Tom Brady’s secret method to recovery, but it’s a secret no longer we guess. Whilst these don’t look any different from regular pj’s, this Under Armour sleepwear contains the “power of Far Infrared.”

Which, of course, you’re all aware is a type of energy that is said to be advantageous to us humans (infared electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 15 micrometers). The material will absorb your body heat and somehow harness Far Infrared to reflect its goodness into your skin. Seems simple enough.

But Would We Use This Pajamas Sleep Tech?
The idea of not having any electrical item to help us sleep does appeal to us, although the price of around $160 for a T-shirt and shorts combo is a bit off-putting. As well, sometimes wearing t-shirts and shorts on hot nights may be counter-intuitive to getting good sleep. We’ll pass on these, sorry Tom.

Eve Mattress

Sleep Tech Eve Mattress.

Although Eve has several products that use their memory foam material, it’s undoubtedly their mattress which is their pride and joy. Said to “offer more bounce and a cooler, more tranquil sleep,” the mattress only comes in one format, albeit with different sizes, making the hassle of choosing your desired firmness a lot easier.

The moisture-wicking material does sound good for sweaty summer evenings.

But Would We Use This Mattress Sleep Tech?
Highly likely. Reviews have been good when it deals with the important matter of getting a good night’s sleep, and lets face it, any option that means we don’t have to jump from mattress to mattress in-store to test the firmness – like some retail Goldilocks – is an option we prefer.

Neuroon Sleep Mask

Sleep Tech Neuroon Sleep Mask.

An eye mask is an eye mask, right? Not according to Neuroon, as this is not your ordinary kind of sleep mask, instead it’s a smart sleep mask. The mask is said to use light therapy to help you fall asleep faster and wake up with a spring in your step. It also has a Jet Lag Blocker feature, which can help your body clock adjust to different time zones.

Like many of today’s sleep tech, it also provides a sleep report, if you’re into that kind of thing.

But Would We Use This Eye Mask Sleep Tech?
Yes, but tentatively. The idea of having something portable which provides great sleep when on the road (unless you carry your mattress with you) seems really interesting. If it can do all that it boasts, then we’re excited, but this looks like something that would take a while to get used to. Beating jet lag does sound a bit sci-fi, but that would be a game-changer if it’s true.

Sleep Tech Footer.

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