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Narcolepsy is a very strange affliction indeed and strikes the victim out of nowhere. What started out as an instructional video about a traditional Japanese dance has turned into a fascinating insight into what happens to someone who suffers from narcoleptic and cataplexic attacks (medical condition in which strong emotion or laughter causes a person to suffer sudden physical collapse though remaining conscious) actually go through. If, like me, your understanding of the condition basically amounts to River Phoenix’s character in My Own Private Idaho then this should bring some enlightenment.

Sarah Elizabeth films herself showcasing a Japanese dance but before long she suddenly has an attack and falls to the floor, still conscious, as the cataplexy—loss of muscle function—takes hold. She then slumps forward as the narcolepsy takes full effect. Afterwards she tries to continue but is drowsy both in mind and body because of the effects of her condition.

The video’s titled “What Narcolepsy Really Looks Like. Spoiler Alert- It Sucks.”—and yeah, it looks like it does. But kudos to Elizabeth for uploading the vid and shedding some light on this condition that affects around one in every 2000 Americans.

I have narcolepsy with cataplexy, and it can be very frustrating to try to explain what it’s like to people who have never seen narcolepsy in real life, and how much of a struggle it can be. Most people think that it’s funny until they see what actually happens, or they are completely unprepared and get really scared and panic.I filmed this by accident, and it was really weird to go back and watch later from an outside perspective. I am posting this video as a way to help educate people, so please no trolling. Just like people with epilepsy, I can’t control having a sleep attack or cataplexy any more than they can control having a seizure. Thank you for your understanding.

Narcolepsy attack.

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  • John Billings


    • mk57

      It’s obvious you are deliberately being inflammatory to create a reaction….because 1) Nobody could be THAT thick and 2) You CRAVE attention owing to your sad amd lonely existence. Ditch the computer, go outside and make real friends and stop bothering the rest of us with your pathetic mumblings…..

  • Alvarez Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ ™

    wow! poor girl

  • mk57

    Fascinating condition but sad for the girl…the music was waaaay too loud and intrusive. If you want to raise your profile and bring better understanding and acceptance then I suggest YOU and your condition be at the forefront of any campaign and NOT, DEFINITELY NOT that dreadful music. I got increasingly frustrated and angry that identifying the words of the song gained precedence over what YOU were saying and what was sadly happening to you. Good luck with ALL your endeavours but really….lose or at the very LEAST….turn that funereal music DOWN !

  • l3ckm1ch4m4rsch

    I fall asleep all the time while at work in the office. I must have narcolepsy with cataplexy.