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If ever you dreamed of owning a man cave on wheels then meet the Furrion Elysium, it’s a luxury RV concept that debuted at CES 2017 and is so impressive, it’s probably better equipped than your own home.

It’s love at first sight and cannot fail to impress even the fastidious male (or female), because not only does the Furrion Elysium come complete with a fully equipped kitchen and 75″ flatscreen TV, but it also has its own hot tub and helicopter.

Yes, that’s right it’s a recreational vehicle that has a helipad and Robinson R22 helicopter which, to ensure it doesn’t topple off when you’re on an interstate roadtrip, lowers into the bedroom just like something out of a James Bond film. The master bedroom itself is hidden away at the back of the RV.

It also comes complete with a full-size shower which doubles as a steam room. It all means that in no way would you be slumming it while cruising the highway, in fact it’s like a penthouse apartment on wheels.

To accommodate all this swag it’s 45 feet long, 8 feet wide and 13.6 feet high. No doubt it would certainly make camping much more appealing—the only trouble is it’s not actually for sale. Bummer.

If it was it would no doubt cost millions anyway, probably way out of most people’s price ranges. Company Furrion instead made it as a concept car to show off the technology and products they make. The big old trolls.

Here’s a full run down of what it’s got:

Complete with state-of-the art Furrion electronics – from three large screen 75′ HDTVs, infotainment systems, cameras, fireplace, a complete kitchen that a chef would love complete with induction cooktop, convection microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven and a wine fridge. The ELYSIUM features future forward technology including a smart toilet and smart shower. The upper deck is perfect for entertaining complete with an entertainment area, hot tub and helicopter landing area where you will find the Robinson R22 helicopter. The helicopter platform lowers above the master bedroom during transport. All the TVs feature Furrion’s proprietary Vibrationsmart and Climatesmart technology making sure the picture is always razor sharp regardless of the conditions. The ELYSIUM features the latest in automation, observation and navigation making it a stand out in both the RV and technology world. (via)

You can check out some photos of it below. Maybe one day they’ll make them to sell.



Furrion Elysium 01.


Furrion Elysium 02.


Furrion Elysium 03.


Furrion Elysium 04.


Furrion Elysium 05.


Furrion Elysium 06.


Furrion Elysium 07.


Furrion Elysium 09.


Furrion Elysium 10.


Furrion Elysium 11.


Furrion Elysium Luxury RV at CES 2017

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