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Smash is your go-to place for what’s trending on the web. Launched in 2014 Smash.com covers all manner of intriguing topics, from the latest #trend blowing up in your social news feed to unusual art, tech from the near future, news of the weird, animations, cinema, gaming, megalolz, sports, internet culture and, OK sure, maybe the odd pet video too.

Senior editor is Kevin Holmes, Sophie Kay is our food, health & fitness editor, Raoul Wilson is tech editor, Alexis Sinclair is our gaming editor, James Mailer is our political editor and Sam Wallace is our film editor. Vladimir N keeps things running smoothly as systems administrator along with developer Aleksandar B.

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Meantime, if you want to get a little more up close and personal (and put a face to a name) with some of our team – take a look below.


Kevin H Senior Editor

Kevin is a writer and editor who previously worked as executive editor for The Creators Project and has written for VICE.com and Wired magazine, as well as numerous online publications. He’s also produced a number of short documentary films exploring innovative tech-based artists and filmmakers. He lives in London.

Alex N

Alexander N Editor

Alex considers himself a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. From helping to run a family-owned hotel to working in Marketing for an Italian IT company (after attaining degrees in Int’l Business, Spanish Language, Law & Society and Banking & Finance), he’s recently found himself drawn to viral comedy. He’s got an eye for “funny” and a sense of humor to match. Besides, who doesn’t live on social media these days, anyway? Alex is now based in New Jersey.


Sophie K Food, Health & Fitness Editor

Sophie worked in social media and advertising for the last 5 years until she realized that a desk job was making her fat and lazy. Fast forward a year and she’s now training to be a personal trainer while still working in social media. Sophie lives between London and New York and can often (ok, always) be found talking and writing about nutrition, fitness, exercise and anything that seems to bore normal people. Words like paleo, primal, burpees, bootcamp and wod are part of her everyday vocabulary. Yes, you can ask for translations.


Raoul Wilson Tech Editor

Raoul is a writer and weird fiction aficionado who enjoys speculating on the more far-out technological possibilities that could be on the horizon. He looks forward to the day when we can command matter using nanotechnology—google “utility fog” and prepare for your mind to be blown. Raoul lives in NYC and is a devotee of Spaghetti Cat.

Alexis Alexis Sinclair Gaming Editor

Alexis is a Mario fangirl and can often be found lost in Super Mario Galaxy (she’s even navigated the platforming hellhole that is the purple coin challenge in the Toy Time Galaxy), or screaming hate-filled expletives at anyone who dares challenge her in any iteration of Mario Kart. She likes to ponder the brain-aching possibilities the Oculus Rift holds for gaming and wishes she could get her hands on one. *hint hint* She lives in Los Angeles and likes turtles.

James1 James Mailer Politics Editor

James learned all he ever needed to know about politics by watching The West Wing—and also happens to be a political science grad. He yearns to head on the campaign trail one of these days, maybe it will come in time to follow the first female US president on her path to the White House. James is based in Washington, D.C.


Samantha (Sam) Wallace Film Editor

Sam enjoys getting lost in a Tarkovsky movie but is also partial to Will Ferrell’s back catalogue. She is a big fan of Edgar Wright, animation, David Lynch, Jane Campion—films of all creeds and styles and genres really. When she’s not sat at home watching movies on her laptop she’s out thinking about what movies she’s going to watch on her laptop when she gets home. Sam is based in Barcelona.


James Carney Guest Science Editor

James is currently a Senior Research Associate (Psychology) at Lancaster University. He has graduate degrees in discourse linguistics, literary studies and philosophy; I have also held competitively awarded fellowships in the form of a Junior Research Fellowship (Linacre College, Oxford) and a Marie Curie Fellowship (Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford).


Vladimir N Back-end developer

Vladimir is a software engineer from Skopje, Macedonia and works as web developer and team leader at Smash. In his free time he develops mobile applications, one of which is Find The City—the most downloaded mobile game in Macedonia. The game was also a finalist at the contest “What Is Your Application” organised by the Agency for electronic communications (AEK). Vladimir also creates hardware prototypes such as a Bluetooth driven mobile car and a Gmail LED notifier.


Aleksandar B Front-end developer

Aleks is a Certified Adobe Expert and Certified Internet Webmaster who has three years experience as a freelance web developer and designer and three more as a front-end developer in large teams at web development companies. For the past year he’s been part of Smash.com’s team as a designer and developer/coder. Aleks is based in Macedonia.