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However you pitch it there’s no denying that infidelity in a marriage is a very tricky business, there are no winners or losers, just lots of heartache, confusion, tears, revenge and half of everything you have (depending on what state you live in) if you happen to be the husband doing the dirty. So be warned guys.

It’s not a laughing matter for the spurned partner who has recently found out what has been going on behind her matrimonial back, but this does seem however to be the time when certain women get some of the best ideas to sort out their anger-management issues over the recent devastating events, and the greatest of these are how they let their friends, neighbors, community, strangers and the rest of the world know what has just transpired.

So be warned husbands of the world, don’t listen to Paul Simon’s song ’50 Ways to Leave Your Lover’ and use it as your exit-plan mantra, for a start he only listed 5 ideas, none of which are really going to make your escape any easier.

We’ve listed 18 examples of just what happens when you upset your life-partner below. Be afraid.

So before you are thinking of doing anything remotely risky in the relationship department i’d have a very long think about what might be the result and swap ’50 ways to leave your lover’ with ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’ – Enjoy.




































Oh, and if you do happen to have seen the error of your ways guys and want your partner back and all to be forgiven, be prepared for a very long journey, filled with pain and humiliation. remember, you earned it.


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  • Krambo

    That’s right, men. Make sure you record your psycho woman’s antics at all times. When you find that better woman, get all your accounts in order and then drop the other psycho like a ton of bricks. Make sure you’re prepared for the childish revenge, and have her prosecuted to the full extent of the law when it comes. Then post the saga online so we can all laugh together at your brilliance.

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  • Carl Textor

    Yes….all of these guys, because girls never cheat as well….still, funny though. Any of these girls (not women, GIRLS) who damaged property just sealed their own fate when pictures were taken of it. Guys, prosecute to the fullest and enjoy the money from your psycho ex :3

  • swmluvah

    I’m not on board with ANYONE acting this way. Especially property damage. Unnecessary. Don’t stoop to their level. Keep your dignity!