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The best movie one liners that get reeled off just before a bad guy gets terminated are open to debate. But, whatever your choice, they’re likely some of the lines you remember, and quote, the most when it comes to Hollywood movies. They stick with you, so you can utilize them in moments that are completely out of, or in, context. If you think about it pretty much everyone you know will have their favorite movie one liner they use.

So, sure, nailing down the 100 best movie one liners—delivered right before unleashing hell—is obviously a subjective matter, but there are some lines that are simple classics which no movie-lover can deny. Lines like “Say hello to my little friend!” from Brian De Palma’s Scarface or Arnie’s “Knock, knock.” from Predator. And this collection from YouTube channel Burger Fiction features those, along with 98 more.

And they range from ones that are badass, like Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry muttering, “Do you feel lucky…” or the iconic scene from John Carpenter’s They Live where Roddy Piper’s Nada delivers the legendary, “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum.” to lines that are comical—the intentional comical ones and those that have achieved cult/meme status because they’re so ridiculous.

Like, for instance, the infamous “Garbage day” line from Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2. Even if you haven’t seen the film it’s an easy movie one liner to remember, “GARBAGE DAY!” (then add a corny maniacal laugh).

So Who Is The King Of The Best Movie One Liners

The 100 Best Movie One Liners.Roddy Piper about to kick ass with one of best movie one liners ever.

It pretty much goes without saying, but also a good reminder that Arnie is basically the king of the best movie one liners, taking the opportunity to add just the right level of cheesiness into his delivery. With the dark prince of best movie one liners being Clint Eastwood using the ‘I’m not messing around here buddy’ technique.

And that’s not all either, because you get two for the price of one with these. In that, Burger Fiction made a followup supercut which features the 100 best movie one liners said after a kill. Which, you could say, James Bond is maybe the king of. It’s the pinnacle of ‘having the last word’. And who wouldn’t want that.

Anyway, these after the kill best movie one liners are equally enjoyable and are the must see sequel to the former. Or look at it as like parts 1 and part 2. Either way you need to watch both.

Check out the best movie one liners after the kill below. And for more from Burger Fiction at their YouTube page.

100 Greatest Movie One Liners: After The Kill

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