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Don’t panic dear viewer, everything is quite safe for work here, no need to panic that someone might wander past and look over your shoulder and think to themselves “pervert”, in fact they may well think that you are pursuing an artistic and psychological path, gaining knowledge and proving to them what a deep and clever bast#rd you are in the process. So it’s a ‘win-win’ situation to get caught in.

In this series of pictures photographer Trevor Christensen reverses the idea of the nude portrait in a photos series that sees the models fully clothed and the photographer, who can’t be seen in the portraits, completely naked.

So what we get is a series of expressions and emotions as the subjects stare at the unclothed body of Christensen. Here’s what he says about the series:

As a photographer I’m deeply interested in the experience subjects have during portrait shoots. When I guide subjects through the process of making their photo, I seek to create a calm, comfortable environment where they can be at ease in front of the camera. Despite my best efforts, subjects often feel a sense of vulnerability during the process. No matter the scenario, this power imbalance seems like an almost inescapable part of the experience.

The photographer/subject paradigm is one of inequality. Nude Portraits is about leveling the playing field in an unorthodox way. Instead of focusing on bringing the subject to a place of ease, where I am, this project brings me to a place of vulnerability.

This vulnerability is achieved by making portraits without clothing. These are nude portraits in the sense that I, the photographer, am nude, while the subject is not.

“Jason, 24, Friend, Roofer.”



 “Austin, 27, Girlfriend, Middle School Teacher.”



“Hillary, 24, Friend, Student.”



“Karin, 20, Acquaintance, Porn & Cam Model.”

Nude Portraits by Trevor Christensen


“Olivia, 28, Acquaintance, Opera Masters Student; Makenzie, 28, Acquaintance, Opera Masters Student; Chole, 11 months old, Acquaintance, Cat.”

Nude Portraits by Trevor Christensen


Nude Portraits with Hilary.



“Madelyne, 25, Elementary School Friend, Executive Assistant.”

Nude Portraits by Trevor Christensen


“Members of the band Fictionist.”



“Jordan, 24, Friend, Quality Assurance.”


 All images: Trevor Christensen

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