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Artist and Atlanta-based photographer and art director Stephen McMennamy likes to create amazing surreal and humorous combo photos, by taking two seemingly disparate images and merging them into one.

In October 2012 he was introduced to instagram. from there his interest in photography grew and that interest evolved into an ongoing project he now refers to the results and calls his creations #ComboPhotos.

The remarkable thing that makes his combo photos even more intriguing is, rather than searching Google for images to combine, or using stock photos, McMennamy takes the photos himself which he then juxtaposes.

This way Stephen McMennamy gets full creative control over what he does and takes inspiration from practically everywhere he goes. But it does mean he’s constantly on the lookout for what might work as Combo Photos.

How Stephen McMennamy Gets His Photo Ideas

Stephen McMennamy Combo Photos Insert.

“I’m always looking for props or objects,” Stephen McMennamy told CNN. “Sometimes I have things in my mind that I’m looking for, so it’s a bit of a scavenger hunt. [But] the key to a lot of it is to keep it simple and fun, people seem to like that.” He continues by saying “‘At its core the Combo Photo project is simply combining two separate images that complete one another to tell a different story.”

For his ideas, style and props Stephes says “‘I insist on clean backgrounds to ensure that the merger of the images doesn’t get lost so I’m always looking for whatever object I need against a clean background, there’s a five story parking garage near my house and I often go up there to get my blue sky backgrounds, the whole thing is one big scavenger hunt. Sometimes I labor over an idea, spending weeks planning, practicing or experimenting and other times it happens in an instant.”

The resultant images can be both striking and somewhat disconcerting. You can take a look at some of Stephen McMennamy’s results below, and make sure you head to his Instagram page and website for many more.

Examples Of Stephen McMennamy’s Combo Photos



Stephen McMennamy 01.


Stephen McMennamy 02.


Stephen McMennamy 03.


Stephen McMennamy 04.


Stephen McMennamy 05.


Stephen McMennamy 06.


Stephen McMennamy 06.


Stephen McMennamy 07.


Stephen McMennamy 08.


Stephen McMennamy 09.


Stephen McMennamy 10.


Combo Photos 01.


Combo Photos 02.


Combo Photos 03.


Combo Photos 04.


Combo Photos 05.


Combo Photos 06.


Combo Photos 07.


Combo Photos 08.


Combo Photos 09.


Combo Photos 10.


photo mashup 01.


photo mashup 02.


photo mashup 03.


photo mashup 04.


photo mashup 05.


photo mashup 06.


photo mashup 07.


photo mashup 08.


photo mashup 09.


photo mashup 10.


combine pictures 01.


combine pictures 02.


combine pictures 03.

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