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There are large domesticated cats and then there’s Spock from San Jose. Spock is a giant in the cat world, coming in at 4 feet long and weighing 27 pounds he’s constantly being mistaken by the neighbors for a wild bobcat. You have to admit, that’s pretty huge.

However he’s a big softy at heart, but that doesn’t stop anxious and nosy people from threatening to call animal control because they think owner Colleen Pizarev is harboring a bobcat or lynx. 4-year-old Spock is a Maine Coon breed, which are the largest domesticated breed, but Spock is big even for them, and probably the biggest pet cat in the world.

He’s also really into watching videos online too. “They mature slowly so he’s still a kitten, technically an adolescent,” Pizarev tells ABC News. “As a typical adolescent, he’s addicted to YouTube. He really enjoys it. He’s an indoor cat so we like to help him think he’s chasing squirrels. It puts him to sleep. We call it his bedtime stories.”

To maintain his epicness he eats through a pound of meat a day, and although he’s a cuddly giant, owning such a beast doesn’t come without its own perils. I’d hate to think what the litter tray looks like.

“He’ll jump on a small table and the table knocks over because of the momentum and weight,” Pizarev said. “We have to lock up our table lamps because he knocks them over on the floor. We only bring them out if we’re having guests.”

Still, no doubt having a pet that looks like a wild predator is a good way to ward off burglars and intruders.

Or unwanted sales people.




















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