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Narcos season 3 will follow on chronologically from the first two seasons of the Netflix Narcos series. In season 1 and season 2 they covered the rise and fall of the infamous Columbian drug lord and narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar (played by Wagner Moura). It wasn’t a flattering portrayal by any accounts, although Pablo Escobar’s son has accused the show of glamorising the lifestyle of the cartels (see below).

It also featured the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents who hunted him down, Steve Murphy (played by Boyd Holbrook) and Javier Pena (played Pedro Pascal). Season 2 ended (spoiler alert) with Escobar being gunned down on a rooftop.

It’s ending implied that, well, that would be the last we saw of the series, but Netflix has renewed the show. So anyone wondering if there will there be a season 3 of Narcos, yes there will be—and a season 4 too. Jose Padilha and Eric Newman will continue as co-producers. The questions is, now with Escobar gone, what’s the show going to be about?

Pablo Escobar’s Son Slams Narcos


Sebastian Marroquin, the son of notorious Columbian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar (who changed his name from Juan Pablo Escobar after his father died) has criticized the show Narcos for its depiction of drug traffickers. He says it paints them in too flattering a portrait.

“Today there is a cult of violence, to which the series done on my father collaborate.” Marroquin told Spanish newspaper El Periodico. “I am not opposed to telling stories, but to glorify criminals and show drug trafficking with glamour, this confuses the youth. Every day I get messages from young people asking for help to be like my dad. They want to be that bandit, they send me pictures dressed like him, with his moustache, with his hairstyle, with his sayings, making an ode to violence. The narco series has made my father a hero and have installed in the young the idea that being a narco is ‘cool’.”

It follows on from Marroquin criticizing the show last year when he posted on Facebook what he saw as 28 inaccuracies from the Netflix series. In the interview with El Periodico he says that he offered the show access to the family archive but they weren’t interested.

“Before they started the first season I went to them and offered them access to the family archive.” he said. “Photos, memories, unpublished videos, letters of my father. I proposed to tell the whole story without manipulating it, but they told me that they were not interested, that the family knew nothing. They preferred the inventions of writers who write from California, to the truth of those who suffer in this story and have learned lessons from it. The sad thing is that now there will be those who believe that reality was as the series tells it.”

Marroquin left Colombia after his father died to begin a new life in Argentina, becoming a public speaker speaking out against the drug war that ripped Colombia apart. In 2014 he published a book Pablo Escobar: My Father detailing what his life was like as the son of the leader of the Medellin cartel. He’s recently released a follow up called Pablo Escobar: What My Father Never Told Me.

Narcos Season 3 Netflix Release Date and Trailer

Netflix Narcos Season 3 - 88

The trailer (above) doesn’t give much away but does say “The Blow Must Go On” and features an image of Escobar fading out and an image of Gilberto Orejuela (played by Damian Alcazar) appearing to replace him.

Viewers of the show will know that Gilberto is one half of the Orejuela brothers who head up the Cali Cartel. And Narcos season 3 will focus on these, as opposed to season 1 and 2 which had focused on the Medellín Cartel, led by Escobar, and rivals to the Cali Cartel.

As for the release date of season 3 Narcos, a specific date has yet to be provided but it’s definitely out in 2017 and if it follows the pattern of the former two seasons, it’s likely to appear around September 2017.

Narcos Season 3 Netflix Cast (Who’s Still Alive?)

Netflix Narcos Season 3 CastNetflix Narcos season 3 Cast image via

Pedro Pascal has been confirmed as returning as DEA agent Javier Pena. Pascal was recently on Jimmy Kimmel and said this about season 3 of Narcos, “We go after the Cali Cartel. People know a lot less about the Cali Cartel. They were richer than Pablo, there were four of them, they took over Miami after Pablo was killed, and they already owned New York, so there’s a lot…of cocaine in season 3.”

Pena’s partner Steve Murphy will not be appearing in season 3 Narcos. In the real life events that the show is based DEA agent Murphy left Columbia after Escobar was killed and headed back to the US.

As for the cartels, Damian Alcazar will be returning to Narcos as Gilberto Orejuela and his brother Miguel will be played again by Francisco Denis.

Netflix Narcos Season 3 actor Pedro Pascal talks with Jimmy Kimmel

Damian Alcazar will return as Gilberto Orejuela

Netflix Narcos Season 3 - 01

Narcos season 3. Actor Damian Alcazar will return as Gilberto Orejuela.

Pedro Pascal will return as Javier Pena

Netflix Narcos Season 3 - 02Narcos season 3. Actor Pedro Pascal will return as Javier Pena.

New Narcos Season 3 Cast members

Damian Alcazar will return as Gilberto Orejuela - 99.Michael Stahl-David (left) and Matt Whelan (right) join Narcos Season 3.

There will be some new characters appearing in Narcos season 3 however. Actor Michael Stahl-David and New Zealand actor Matt Whelan have both committed as regulars. “Stahl-David will play Chris Feistl, a young American DEA agent who sought out assignment to Colombia as the drug trade shifts to the Cali Cartel’s takeover in the wake of Pablo Escobar’s death.” explains The Hollywood Reporter. “Whelan will play his partner, Daniel Van Ness. Feistl is described as being the more straight-edge and serious agent of the two.”

New Narcos Season 3 Cast members - 88.Michael Arturo Castro (left) and Kerry Bishé (right) join Narcos Season 3.

Arturo Castro (Broad City) and Kerry Bishé (Halt and Catch Fire) have also joined the Narcos season 3 cast, according to Deadline who say: “Castro will play the series regular role of David Rodriguez, Miguel’s oldest son, although he is reluctant at first to take a leading role in the cartel structure, as his Uncle and Father are arrested, he must take over. Bishé will recur as Christina, an American woman who met her Colombian husband in college. But as her husband gets deeper involved in the cartel and things start to go badly for the people around them, she knows she needs to get her family out, so she turns to the US Embassy for help.”

Miguel Angel Silvestre - 99.Miguel Angel Silvestre joins Narcos Season 3.

Another new cast member will be 34-year old Spanish actor Miguel Angel Silvestre known for his role in Sense8. Silvestre has been heading to Bogota, Columbia for filming and Spanish magazine Hola! has noted that he’ll be playing a character who’s in charge of laundering money for the Cali Cartel. “He is an enigmatic person.” says Silvestre. “It is not yet very well known how he is. He’s had a love story that was bitter and also filled [with] hatred.”

Miguel Angel Silvestre - 99.Javier Cámara (right) with fellow Spanish Narcos actor Miguel Angel Silvestre (right).

Along with Silvestre, another Spanish actor is joining for season 3. His name is Javier Cámara and he’s appeared in Pedro Almodóvar films Talk to Her, Bad Education and I’m So Excited. He also starred in HBO’s The Young Pope. According to various Spanish entertainment sites in Narcos season 3 he will play one of the new dangerous drug traffickers who inherited the cocaine trading empire left behind by Escobar in the 80s.

Speaking about the role Cámara also hinted that his character is a well known Colombian drug trafficker: “I cannot say who it is because he exists, he has a name and surnames. I will not tell [you] if he is dead or alive. I’m going to give a very clear track: I will only be [in it] one season and there will be many dead. I’ve said enough!”

Netflix Spain also posted a humorous video showing Cámara practising his Columbian accent, attempting the line, “Hijo de puta malparido.” which roughly translated means something along the lines of “Son of a bitch, bastard.”


Pedro Pascal and Javier Cámara - 01Pedro Pascal and Javier Cámara

Narcos Season 3 Plot

Narcos Season 3 Plot

Netflix Narcos Season 3 plot image via Australia Network News

With Escobar gone the Narcos Netflix series will now feature Gilberto Orejuela as the main villain and the Cali Cartel’s reign will take center stage. This is what happened in real life with the Cali Cartel controlling 90% of the global cocaine market after Escobar left the scene, earning themselves the tag of “the most powerful crime syndicate in history” by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter showrunner Eric Newman explained that there’s a kind of revolving door aspect to the narco kingpins of Columbia. “We’ll certainly exploit that.” he says. “From the beginning when we decided to call the show Narcos and not Pablo Escobar, I had always had in mind to tell the continuing story of cocaine. Jose [Padilha], Doug [Miro], Carlo [Bernard] and I wanted to tell a story about the drug war and never just about one person or organization. We had always planned on continuing on.”

He continues:

We are going to look deeper into the systemic effects within Colombia of cocaine and corruption. Unlike Escobar, who had positioned himself as an outlaw, Cali was very much a part of the system. They had bought their way in and they enjoyed a different kind of protection than Pablo did. Pablo was protected by the people who loved him and Cali was protected by a political and economic system that they had rather ingeniously built. It’s a different kind of villain. While Escobar was a single-cell organism, they were a complex, multi-celled organism.

There are four Cali godfathers: brothers Gilberto and Miguel (Francisco Denis), Pacho Herrera (Alberto Ammann), all of whom we’ve met, and then there is a fourth named “Chepe,” who is a sort of fascinating and colorful guy. It wouldn’t be surprising to anyone to know that they met bad endings, but I think as we learned in season two, it’s getting there that’s fun. They’re certainly going to be a big part of season three.

On Set of Narcos Season 3

On Set of Narcos Season 3 Shooting.Sense8′ actor joins Narcos Series 3 as one of Cali Cartel’s assets.

Pedro Pascal who returns as Javier Pena in the new series of Narcos was spotted in February 2017 filming in Cartagena, Colombia. His character was chasing down a suspect and arresting them. He later took to Instagram to post a picture with his new co-star Miguel Angel Silvestre. He also posted another pic from filming in Columbia, one of him in a hammock saying, “Working hard #NarcosSeason3 #Netflix #Cali #Colombia”

Silvestre also posted some pics of the pair to his Instagram, captioning one “#narcosseason3 Be able to work with good friends is priceless!” He’s also posted a pic of him with actor Alberto Ammann who plays Helmer “Pacho” Herrera, fourth in command in the Cali Cartel, with the caption “I am very happy that I’ve got to work with my friend @albertoammann”

Pacho could be the new big villain in Narcos, filling the void left by Escobar. The show’s executive producer has told Entertainment Weekly that, “They’re certainly teed up for that, that’s for sure. This show has always been about cocaine. We purposely did not call the show Pablo Escobar or Medellin. In the same way that Osama Bin Laden begets ISIS, Medellin begets Cali begets the Mexican Cartels. Though they existed at the same time, Cali really got the Mexicans into cocaine, which proved to be a much better business than heroin.”






Narcos Season 4 Netflix Release Date

Narcos Season 4 Release Date

Netflix Narcos Season 4 release date via

With Narcos season 3 premiere due for 2017 it’s likely that Narcos Season 4 will premiere sometime in 2018.

As for what it will be about, in the same interview with The Hollywood Reporter Newman said that they might chose to focus on the Mexican cartels. The Narcos Twitter account also tweeted about El Chapo, the notorious Mexican drug kingpin, saying “We’ll catch up with you, El Chapo. In the meantime, taking notes…”

“I could talk a long time about the Mexican cartels and their story is fascinating, their origin stretching into today.” Newman said to The Hollywood Reporter. “Cali was the cartel that really utilized the smuggling routes through Mexico and the Mexican heroin smugglers who were already incredibly successful. They very much got the Mexicans into the cocaine business, so there is sort of a natural evolution there. As to whether or not I would move directly into Mexico, it’s certainly a possibility.”

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