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One man Pink Floyd cover band Ewan Cunningham (aka YouTuber Ewan John Covers) is back with his most ambitious Floyd cover yet. Cunningham is a huge fan of the band and has been covering their music for quite some time, starting out by just playing drums he has now progressed to playing…..everything.

In his latest video he does a full length cover of Floyd’s classic “Echoes,” the band’s near 24 minute long song from their sixth studio album Meddle. But this is no ordinary cover, because Cunningham plays every instrument in the song, cleverly editing himself so the cover band in the vid is made up of just him.

“The filming process was interesting because I had to create the perception of four ‘Ewan’ clones.” Cunningham tells “The trick is to keep the camera in the same position and just film each instrument one at a time. Then in editing I can overlay the shots of each instrument and blend them into one shot.” It also involved him changing clothes each time and ended up taking him about six and half hours in total to do.

Like in a previous Pink Floyd cover he wears Nick Mason’s fan favorite butterfly tee which the drummer wore for the 1972 concert documentary film Live at Pompeii.

Cunningham started off as a drummer before teaching himself other instruments, in fact he’s been playing the drums since he was four years old. So, are there any Nick Mason techniques in any Pink Floyd songs that he can’t imitate?

“For me, Nick’s drumming comes very naturally to me.” he notes. “I don’t really need to think about it. The only part of Nick’s drumming that I really had to stop and think about was Nick’s drum fill on Saucerful of Secrets. I remember when I was recording it, I had to slow down the video of Nick doing it to figure it out. I’m still not entirely sure if I did it 100% correct, but I think I got away with it.”

The end result is nothing short of brilliant, with Ewan even adding vocals to the song.

Check out and compare his incredible one-man version with the original ‘Echoes’ track by Pink Floyd below.

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    No thanks for blocking the thing, Warner Chappell

  • Mark37724

    First time in over 30 years I wasn’t stoned listening to that. Loved it though.

  • Will Cate

    Plays it just like the “Live At Pompeii” version — frickin’ awesome.

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    Great to see and great to hear! Love that work