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As you’ll see from the compilation above, teenage girls (and some boys) have been inflating their lips to ridiculous proportions—resulting in the media having a field day—in an attempt to look like Kylie Jenner.

It’s been trending as the #KylieJennerChallenge and involves kids putting their lips in glass bottles or shot glasses and sucking the air so their lips swell.

The results have been well documented on the internet, but generally end up with the practitioner looking something like this:


Or this:

Basically you end up temporarily deforming your face, so unless you want to look like a freak it isn’t recommended whatsoever.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Esho, of le beau ideal, warns, “This craze is very concerning and can have serious consequences for the young girls involved. There have been cases of severe bruising, severe swelling, fat necrosis ( when fatty tissue around the lip dies). Also women who have already have had lip fillers doing this have caused their previous fillers to migrate, causing distortion to their lips.”

Even Kylie Jenner herself has spoken out about it.

Glad that’s all cleared up then. Meanwhile the rest of twitter, as is standard practice in these situations, was busy mocking those who tried out the woeful technique.

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  • Elizabeth Lora

    Wow this whole #KylieJennerchallenge is fucking retarded I just hope she see how much lil girls/ teens look up to her. Idk but if that was me I wouldn’t have don’t that she had natural beauty something not everyone is born with. Not talking shit or putting her down but she and everyone else that’s famous needs to think more then once before they do something cus it can&will lead to a new “fashion” trend……….. But where is Kris Jenner? I mean she may be of age Idk but this is where a mothers advice comes in play. #whatswrongwithtodayssociety #bealeader #startyourOWNtrend

    • Spegma

      My lil’ girl is 4 and thinks Kylie is a ridiculous whore. What these lil’ girls/teens need is a father in their life to tell them how beautiful they are so they don’t feel like they need to look like these ignorant celebs.

      • Jasmine Allen

        The fact that your 4 year old thinks she’s a whore and knows what that means is pretty fucked up dude.

        • Spegma

          The fact that you would be(lie)ve everything you read on the internet is pretty fucked up dudette. I don’t even have a daughter. The joke’s on you.

        • Spegma

          Come on.. Where are you to insult me now? Keep playing.

  • Deb Fletcher

    I guess parents can’t ask that old question “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?” because the answer these days would probably be YES.

  • Just some Guy

    Not racist or anything but, most of these people are black…YOU ALREADY HAVE BIG LIPS!! WTF??!! LOL..besides, why would anyone want to look like that ugly bitch? Mind=Blown.

  • Robert Brownlee

    Why would anyone trust what that trashy ass bitch would say or do? That whole family is a waste of air consumption.

  • Jenn Lynn

    When did she say to suck on the opening of a bottle and break the blood vessels in your lips!? ..first time I ever read about this, it was enhancing the lip line with cosmetics.. not a fucking plastic bottle.. y’all made the bottle shit up yourselves!

  • Cody Rogers

    Gee I can’t wait till they have the throw a brick in the air and catch it with your face challenge

  • Dale Burden

    Bunch of idiots

  • Jamie Myers

    Omg I can’t quit laughing are they think in
    Stupid stupid…

  • Mary Miole

    I think Kylie’s lips are fine

    • Spegma

      Do you love her enough to do the #KylieJennerchallenge? Give it a try. What have you got to lose?