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There are many instances in life when you come across total jerkfaces, the sort of people that make you exclaim, ‘How rude!’ as you shake your head in disbelief at their deliberate annoying behavior. Jerkfaces are everywhere.

It happens often just when you’re going about the routine of your daily life, occurrences that you come across while driving to work, or heading out to the store. Or maybe you have a total jerkface sibling or classmate who constantly pranks you in annoying ways. Making you wonder if their sole purpose in life is to totally piss you off.

Either way it’s a reminder of how rude and inconsiderate people can be, or just how many total assholes there are in the world. Jerkfaces who do things like steal David Duchovny’s cab while he was taking a selfie with fans.

Or people who show you how rude they are by parking like complete inconsiderate a-holes. Sure some of these total jerkface pranks are kind of funny, and sure some of them are certainly worse than others, but come on.

How To Tell If You’re A Total Jerkface

total jerkface how rude 33.

It makes you wonder what happened to that old adage “let’s all just try and be nice and kind to each other.”

Because that way you’ll feel really good about yourself, thinking that at last your faith in humanity has been restored, and you can walk tall, knowing you’re not that guy or girl who filled someone’s orange juice bottle with Cheetos mixed with water. OK? OK. But alas, that wouldn’t be the case, jerkfaces exist and are among you.

So, here’s the total jerkface things (below) you should resist doing to avoid becoming one of them.

When Being A Jerkface Makes You Say ‘How Rude!”

how rude 01.


how rude 02.


how rude 03.


how rude 04.


how rude 05.


how rude 06.


how rude 07.


how rude 08.


how rude 09.


how rude 10.


people are assholes 01.


people are assholes 02.


people are assholes 03.


people are assholes 04.


people are assholes 05.


people are assholes 07.


people are assholes 08.


people are assholes 09.


prank 01.


prank 02.


prank 03.


prank 04.


prank 05.


prank 06.


prank 07.


prank 08.


prank 09.


prank 10.


prank 11.


total jerkface 01.


total jerkface 02.


total jerkface 03.


total jerkface 04.


total jerkface 05.


total jerkface 06.


total jerkface 07.

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