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No guy would ever admit to owning anything relating to male sex toys, not unless they were very drunk. One of the most well known of all such toys is the Fleshlight. Filmmaker Nikias Chryssos decided to, um, delve deeper into this particular brand of artificial vagina by visiting a factory that makes these male sex toys in Las Vegas, Nevada.While there he talks to the employees and finds out some facts behind these stress-relieving aides.

For instance by the end of the opening minute of the ten minute short documentary, you’ll know that the factory sells around 300 Fleshlights a day, at retail. And sell around 100,000 a year and they go for $50 each.

But what’s also intriguing about the documentary, along with the subject matter, is the style in which it’s shot. In an interview with VICE Chryssos says that he wanted to make the doc in the manner of those kids shows that take you behind the scenes of how factories work. Say, for instance, delving into how bread is manufactured on a mass scale. Which on paper sounds like a cool idea, but maybe not in an adult sex toy factory. Weird.

“There is a children’s program on German TV called The Show with the Mouse, where kids learn how factories work and how things like chocolate or pasta are produced.” Chryssos tells VICE. “I thought it would be interesting to do something like that for adults and look behind the scenes of such a special product.”

The Weird Philosophy Behind Male Sex Toys

The Double Feeling How Adult Sex Toys Are Made 01.You don’t want to know what manager Nikias Chryssos is holding in his left hand.

So, yeah, in this case instead of chocolate or pasta, it’s an assembly line of male sex toys. Toys that the manager tells Chryssos fall into various categories, like “lady,” “mouth,” “butt,” and “nondescript.” If you’re wondering what that last one is meant to be, the manager explains that it means it’s not meant to look like any human orifice.

Which is kind of upsetting.

And there’s a truly weird scene where the manager of the factory simulates sex between a Fleshlight and a dildo. Where male sex toys meet female. The whole doc is quite bizarre, mainly because it’s just unnerving to see these male sex toys in an environment like this. It’s all a bit creepy but makes for addictive viewing.

Of course we all know that everything we use pretty much is mass produced in a factory, but to see a stack of boxes with ‘Ultra Tight Lady’ written above them is just, well, jarring at the very least—yet very funny too. And Chryssos fully plays up to this mix of cringe and intrigue.

“The strangest thing is how an object like this one can be stripped down from its connotations of shame and strangeness through daily interactions and proximity,” says the filmmaker, “Something I noticed in the different relationships the workers and developers had with the Fleshlight.”

male sex toys - 01It doesn’t get much creepier than this. Nikias demonstrates male sex toys having……with female sex toys.

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  • Tav Williams

    This article has a weird vibe about it that I’m not too keen on. The world of sex toys definitely is an interesting one! But the writer seems to (intentionally or not) be pretty judgey of both the makers of fleshlights and the users of them. This isn’t great, especially since sex toys like fleshlights can be great for disabled men. There has been some great writing on sex toys and disability recently, I really recommend looking into it! And regardless of physical ability men should be able to use sex toys without being judged – we should be working to break down that taboo. If you find sex toys so “kind of upsetting” maybe find something else to write about, and leave them to more sex positive bloggers?

    • smashdotcom

      Hi Tav,
      Thanks for the comment, appreciate it. I value what you said and you highlighted something very interesting that the editor obviously missed. I was wondering if you wanted to write something from this perspective for the article and we can add it in as a counter-argument for the benefits of adult toys like this?

      • Tav Williams

        Yup sure, email me.

      • Tav Williams

        Yup, absolutely. Who can contact about it?