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One of the many things that happen in fatherhood is the ability to reel off dad quotes, seemingly an endless amount, whenever the situation demands. Which is pretty much all the time, wherever you may be. Dad quotes and dad jokes are the small reward every father needs to compensate him for the gross underestimation they made before they had kids, and life was easy, about just how much time, energy and hard work being a parent is.

Whether it’s something that happens physiologically or it’s something that men secretly prepare for prior to fatherhood. Or something that just happens, dad quotes are something every father seems able to churn out.

They’re usually in the form of the tried and tested groan-worthy dad jokes but depending on the situation (and how stressed they are) they can also be a back-handed compliment, or maybe even some life advice.

Dad Quotes Can Come In Any Shape Or Form

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Although if it’s the latter often the dad quotes it comes wrapped in can be cryptic or even itself some form of cringe-inducing funny at your expense. And what’s even worse is that the older they get the more cringe-worthy the quotes and jokes get. Because as every dad knows, if a particular dad quote didn’t work the first time, there are many more quotes left in the dad arsenal ready and waiting to be used that are just as bad.

But, as much as we may shake our heads whenever some dad quotes come our way, we all actually relish these corny phrases and attempts at humor. Especially as we grow older and they seem to have less effect on us.

There’s nothing cutting edge or cool about them, and that’s why dad quotes are so great. We secretly love them.

Check out some great dad quotes below and long may they reign.

50 Of The Best Cringe-Worthy Dad Quotes

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dad quotes 01.


dad quotes 02.


dad quotes 03.


dad quotes 04.


dad quotes 05.


dad quotes 06.


dad quotes 07.


dad quotes 08.


fathers day 01.


fathers day 02.


fathers day 03.


fathers day 04.


fathers day 05.


fathers day 06.


fathers day 07.


fathers day 08.


fathers day 09.


fathers day 10.


parenthood 01.


parenthood 02.


parenthood 03.


parenthood 04.


parenthood 05.


parenthood 06.


parenthood 07.







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