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There was a bad accident in Jackson, Mississippi on Monday when a van involved in a police chase crashed into another patrol car, resulting in one officer being badly injured. As usual, the local TV news stations were on the scene to report the outcome of the event and the condition of the injured policeman.

Fortunately he’s expected to make a good recovery and may leave hospital soon.

There was however one good thing to come out of the incident, and that was the account by eye witness and dancer Courtney Barnes. Barnes was interviewed by a reporter on local news station MS News and his hilarious description, along with his flamboyant appearance, has produced a viral hit.

Barnes could quite possibly be the latest internet meme

In the same vein as Antoine Dodson and Sweet Brown, Barnes was not only in the right place at the right time but also had the charisma and quotability factor when it came to being interviewed.

As he explains, he was on his way to Burger King to get himself a “piece of burger” when he stopped because his hunger just went away. It’s his excitable and theatrical phrasing that has struck a chord, especially lines like “The police car just twist around like a tornado, girl!”

Barnes has a very interesting Instagram account too where he posted his own version of events.


A video posted by Courtney Barnes (@kingdance_) on


Seizing the opportunity his fame has given him, he reached out to Nicki Minaj his hero. 


Can I get all my loyal follower too please tag @nickiminaj in this video THANKS

A video posted by Courtney Barnes (@kingdance_) on


Minaj responded and said “bitch his eyebrows on da fuk fleek.”


Some memes and fan art have already started cropping up.


#pieceofburger #eyebrowsonfleek #likeatornadogirl #fulltwistabout @jbiv4

A photo posted by RY (@ry_wy_69) on


Had to draw him Tag Him @kingdance_#likeatornadogirl

A photo posted by DreamArtz (@_dreamartz) on

 Global stardom and his 15 minutes is under way then. Plus #APieceOfBurger (which already has its own hashtag) needs to be everyone’s new way of saying they’re getting some Burger King (or any burger).

This isn’t the first time Barnes has brushed with stardom, he’s appeared on So You Think You Can Dance. Twice.

You can check out one of his performances below.

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