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When planning a fake pregnancy prank, just like with any other prank it’s always good to do your research beforehand. Unfortunately this girl didn’t and thought it would be a grand old idea to get a fake pregnancy test (who knew they even existed?) and then break the news to her boyfriend that she’s carrying his child.

Yep, pulling a fake pregnancy prank on your boyfriend is a pretty cruel prank to play you might think, but OK, people have done worse. And anyway, the internet needs to see other people’s pain and have a good laugh at it.

However, after showing him the fake pregnancy test, and a fake ultrasound, her boyfriend drops a HUGE bombshell. All of a sudden we are witnessing something much darker than a stupid prank emerge.

With his head in his hands you immediately assume that he can’t handle the responsibility of being a father and is shocked by the fact he got his girlfriend pregnant. But in a strange twist of fate it turns out to be something completely different. Suddenly a fake pregnancy prank turns around and backfires on the girlfriend.

The Girlfriend’s Fake Pregnancy Prank Backfires

Girlfriend’s Fake Pregnancy Prank Spectacularly Backfires.

He can’t be the father, he says, because he’s sterile. Oh-oh. He then goes on to claim that she must have cheated on him, and oh dear oh dear things blow up quite quickly. It’s like an emotional game of tennis with the pair in tears hitting questions back and forth to each other, “Why didn’t you tell me that” the girlfriend says, to which the boyfriend replies, “Who is the father of your child, how could you?”.

The effect is actually very interesting for the viewer, your mind is prepared for some semi-cruel lolz and suddenly you think you are witnessing a heartbreaking dilemma unfold. Awkward. Total fake pregnancy prank FAIL!

But this rollercoaster isn’t over yet because, with a little grin the boyfriend reveals that he was ONLY JOKING! He saw the camera and decided to prank her prank and get the last laugh.

This isn’t the first time this couple have pranked each other either, they do it ALL the time on Youtube.

Previously the guy has been pranked into thinking he was getting a BJ only to end up getting a butt wax. It’s a surprise they’re still together at all. Not wonder he pulled the classic ‘fake pregnancy prank reversal’ trick.

You can watch some extra footage from the pregnancy prank below if you are hungry for some more pain.

Pregnant Girlfriend Prank Backfires (Directors Cut).

Can A Fake Pregnancy Prank Have A Happy Ending?

Not every good prank has a happy ending, but in this case the epilogue has a wonderful outcome as you can see in the video below, “WE ARE PREGNANT!!” (for real this time). Congratulations.

Pregnant To baby In 90 Seconds (Time Lapse).

So what first started off as a fake pregnancy prank ends up with this adorable time lapse of the girlfriend over nine months as her tummy slowly expands as she goes through her pregnancy to the arrival of a beautiful BABY!

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