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In the world of digital art Jean Francois Stahl aka Jeff Stahl is creating a big name for himself with his incredible celebrity caricatures, bringing out the essence of the celebrity he has chosen to represent on digital canvas using surreal angles and a brilliant skewing of perspective and the results are pretty amazing.

Jeff is a freelance illustrator, mainly specializing in caricatures, based in France. His twisted faces are digital or mixed media paintings and he is fast becoming in demand for private commissions from the exposure of the incredible celebrity caricatures below. He recently dedicated one last year to the late Robin Williams.

According to Iran Film Extra, “The creative journey of Jeff Stahl, a French caricaturist and illustrator begun very early. More precisely it began on the day he enthusiastically decided to redecorate the wallpaper in his grandparents’ living room with a great support of monsters and other unlikely creatures. Much later, and several years after studying of foreign languages, he studied graphic design to feed his passion for drawing, then he gradually shifted to caricature illustrations.”

You can find out more about him here – BlogFacebookDeviantArtBehance


 Robin WilliamsRobin-Williams


Tom CruiseTomCruise


Jeff Bridges as The DudeTheDude


Amy WinehouseAmyWinehouse


Audrey HepburnAudreyHepburn


Audrey TautouAudryTautou




Anne Hathaway & Uma Therman



Christian Bale Christianbale


Christopher WalkenChrisWalken


Corey Cooley Corey-Cooley.




Edith Piaf EdithPiaf


Tommy Lee Jones as Kay TommyLeeJones


Ellen PageEllenPage


Harrison FordHarrisonFord


Jean RenoJeanReno


Jim CareyJimCarey


Jimi HendrxJimiHendrix


Jodie FosterJodieFoster


John LennonJohnLennon


Kirk DouglasKirkDouglas


Kristen StewartKristenStewart


Liam NeesonLiamNeeson


Marilyn Manson MarilynManson


Michael Madsen MichaelMadsen


Nick CaveNickCave


Nicolas CageNicolasCage


Rachel WeiszRachelWeisz


Sylverster Stallone as Rocky Rocky


Russel CroweRusselCrowe


Sam NeilSamNeil


Sean PennSeanPenn


Steven TylerStevenTyler


Christopher Reeve as SupermanSuperman


Tom SelleckTomSelleck


Vincent PriceVincentPrice


William & KateWilliamAndKate

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