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When it comes to short, sharp comedy humor, nothing beats some funny one-liners, pitched right it can instantly set off an attack of the giggles no matter how bleak a mood you’re in. It’s like a quick injection of humor delivered into your life. And from Russia to Australia, it seems some topics are always funny wherever you may live.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that most of us will have at least one or two funny one-liners that we can pull out of the bag to cheer someone up. And now you can learn a few more. Because the community over on AskReddit were asked “Reddit, what is the best one liner joke you’ve ever heard?”—and they set about answering it.

They came back with all manner of witty one-liners, showing just how much wit you can pack into just a few words of the English language. A good one-liner is a short joke or witty remark that is generally expressed in one or two brief sentences. Funny one-liners manage to be succinct while revealing or satirizing universal life truths.

What Makes A Good Funny One-Liner Joke?

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Like many good jokes, a lot comes down to the incongruity of what you’re reading, others are groan-worthy puns that you just can’t help but laugh at. Plenty of funny one-liners will force a smile to creep upon your face, no matter how bad a day you’re having. And, pretty much just as good as reading them yourself, is then being able to tell other people them, dropping them with complete deadpan delivery, and watching other people get a rise.

Topics include marriage, Roman numerals, dogs, frisbees, and of course a lack of self-worth.

Check them out below.

Here’s 22 Of The Very Best Funny One-Liners

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Funny One-Liners 02.


Funny One-Liners 04.


Funny One-Liners 05.


Funny One-Liners 06.


Funny One-Liners 07.


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