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Kitten photography gets a makeover in the work of Vancouver artist Tania Hennessy whose Emoji Kittens series places emojis next to adorable kittens.

Hennessy’s digital art is what you could call the perfect combo of two things the internet adores, cute kitties and emojis. But as well as bringing together two online collective passions, Hennessy has also freed kitten photography from the confines of cheesiness.

“For far too long, fluffy feline starlets have been confined to garden flower pots and baskets.” writes the artist. “We’ve given them only balls of wool with which to pose, and expected them to light up with kittenish glee each time we place a googly-eyed goldfish in a bowl before their eyes. All of this for the slim chance of earning a coveted slot in an annual kitten wall calendar.”

Well, no more! Now they get to look super cool in a glazed emoji donut.

Or stare inquisitively at a smiling pile of poo.

“My explorations in emoji art actually began with Doughnut Kitten, that pastel-frosted single-serving confection who first launched his tiny doughnut emoji across screens around the world back in June.” notes Hennessy. “In the grand tradition of Nyan Cat, Doughnut Kitten’s single purpose is to spread smiles as his hypnotic rainbow trail creates a portable, pointless-yet-pleasing piece of digital art.”

If you’re wondering where Hennessy got hold of so many cuddly kittens, she borrowed them from the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association.

Take a look at the series below and head to Hennessy’s Instagram for more of her work.


















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