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Donald Trump Photoshop battles and various POTUS memes have been causing much hilarity on social media since his inauguration, mostly backlash over his many executive orders, the most controversial of which his so-called ‘Muslim ban’, ‘US healthcare’ and the ‘Mexican wall’ to name but a few, he’s also been very busy providing the internet with plenty of meme material—and so has his press secretary Sean Spicer and Trump’s Senior Counselor Kellyanne Conway with her recent microwave madness and wiretapping by the Obama administration.

Not that it’s much consolation with having to wake up each morning and wonder, “What the f*ck now?”, but it’s something. The latest Donald Trump Photoshop battle hilarity comes courtesy of the user-generated news and links website Reddit, the same site that was so supportive in the election. Seems like Trump is now behind in the Reddit polls for popularity, but definitely a clear leader for Donald Trump Photoshop Battles.

This time the support has been turned to some brilliant mocking thanks to the Photoshoppers over at Reddit’s Photoshop Battles sub. Their latest Trump Photoshop battle features the POTUS entering a helicopter, a gust of wind causing his suit jacket to ride up and reveal Trump’s butt, which is almost as large as his ego.

When literally presented with such an opportunity it was impossible for Redditors to pass on an opportunity such as Trump’s butt and for the Donald Trump Photoshop Battle to not commence. But commence it did.

And you’ll be mighty glad that it took place because it gives a little bit of ‘cheeky’ laughter and light relief, before the latest round of erosion of civil liberties and the Constitution is undertaken by Trump and his cabinet.

The Original Photo Of Donald Trump’s Butt

Donald Trump Photoshop battle 01.


Donald Trump Photoshop Battle Submissions

Donald Trump Photoshop battlee 02.


Donald Trump Photoshop battle 03.


donald trump photoshop battle 04.


donald trump photoshop battle 05.


donald trump photoshop battle 06.


donald trump photoshop battle 07.


donald trump photoshop battle 08.


donald trump photoshop battle 09.


donald trump photoshop battle 10.


donald trump photoshop battle 11.


potus fake news 12.


potus fake news 13.


potus fake news 14.


potus fake news 15.


trump's butt 05.


trump's butt 06.


trump's butt 07.


trump's butt 08.


trump's butt 09.


trump's butt 10.


trump's butt 11.


trump's butt 12.


trump's butt 13.


trump's butt 14.


POTUS' Butt Photoshop Battle

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