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If your dad just happens to be an animator who lives in Tokyo and creates anime series, then designing anime monsters and creatures together might just be an activity the both of you can share. There are of course many numerous activities a father and son can undertake together, but this must rate as one of the more epic ones.

That’s what has happened between French animator Thomas Romain and his son. Romain is co-creator, along with Tania Palumbo, of French animation series Code Lyoko. He currently works at Japanese animation studio Satelight on various anime series on art direction and design, and has work on anime including Oban Star Racers, Basquash!, Aquarion Evol, and many more. This dad loves his anime monsters and characters.

However, in his spare time he’s been posting images of surreal and strange anime monsters and creatures of a different kind on his his Twitter account that have been co-designed by him and his son. Which basically means he’s been using his illustration and artistic skills to turn his son’s sketches into total anime awesomeness.

How The Anime Monsters Design Process Works

The father and son effort results is some fantastic designs and Roman is always careful to give credit to his son.

He labels them “Original design: son / Illustration: dad” while also giving them appropriate character names too like Blood Dead Prince or Steam Punk Doctor. The pair have been creating them for the last three months and in a tweet Roman hints that there might be a forthcoming book too.

Hopefully he might be able to sneak one of these father/son anime monsters into one of the anime series he works on as well. Could you imagine if he pulled that off? it would no doubt blow his son’s mind.

Take a look at some of the designs below. And follow @Thomasintokyo for more.

Steam Punk Doctor

father and son anime monsters - 01.

father and son anime monsters - 02.

Magic Knight

father and son anime monsters - 03.

father and son anime monsters - 04.

One-Eyed Alien Anime Monster

father and son anime monsters - 05.

Awesome Anime Creatures - 01.

Cyborg Warrior

Awesome Anime Creatures - 02.

Awesome Anime Creatures - 03.

Flower Pot Monster

Awesome Anime Creatures - 04.

Awesome Anime Creatures - 05.

Mecha Anime Monster

Awesome Anime Creatures - 06.

Awesome Anime Creatures - 07.

Snake Slayer

Awesome Anime Creatures - 08.

Awesome Anime Creatures - 09.

The Flaming Knight

Awesome Anime Creatures - 10.

monster anime - 01.

Bubble Mecha Man

monster anime - 02.

monster anime - 03.

The Murmur Mourners

monster anime - 04.

monster anime - 05.

Mecha Dragon Anime Monster

monster anime - 06.

monster anime - 07.

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