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Many of us are capable of producing some vaguely cool photoshop effects when we put our mind to it, but it’s nothing compared to the artistry of Max Asabin. The photo effects he does with his editing turn ordinary pics into something else. And that ‘something else’ will make you never use Photoshop again as they are incredible.

Asabin, a digital artist and illustrator from Russia, takes people’s photos and then combines them with other pictures, be it landscapes or else. He then blends and layers until he’s left with a retouched composition that has transformed the original into stylized pictures that sit halfway between reality and fantasy.

While he doesn’t give Photoshop tutorials on how it’s done, he does show a before and after pic to show the transformation. All the images he uses for his photo art are from stock pics in the public domain. And often, as you can see, they’re against backgrounds that are totally unlike what Asabin creates with his photo effects.

According to Bored Panda he is self taught and has been working as a digital artist full time for quite a while. “Digital Art is, for several years now, my main job.” he said.

He posts his work to DeviantArt where he has over 5,000 followers and recently one of his pics made it to the DeviantArt Facebook page, where people commented on it. “Most of them left positive feedback, but there was also critique, both constructive and negative.” he told Bored Panda. “But in any case, I am extremely pleased with such attention!”

Check out some of his work below.

Cool Photoshop Effects29


cool photoshop effects - 01


cool photoshop effects - 02


Cool Photoshop Effects21


Cool Photoshop Effects22


Cool Photoshop Effects23


Cool Photoshop Effects24


cool photoshop effects - 03


cool photoshop effects - 04


cool photoshop effects - 05


cool photoshop effects - 06


Cool Photoshop Effects25


Cool Photoshop Effects26


Cool Photoshop Effects27


Cool Photoshop Effects28


cool photoshop effects - 07


cool photoshop effects - 08


cool photoshop effects - 09


cool photoshop effects - 10


Max Asabin - 03


Max Asabin - 02


Max Asabin - 01


Max Asabin


Cool Photoshop Effects30

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