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Australian comedian Jim Jefferies isn’t afraid to rattle a few cages because, you know, that’s what comedians like to do. In this video he gives his thoughts on the touchy issue of gun control in America.

Speaking about subjects like the Sandy Hook massacre he makes his opinions on guns pretty clear— namely, he doesn’t think gun ownership is a great idea. The clip is taken from his new standup show called Jim Jefferies – Bare, recently released on Netflix.

If you’ve got strong feelings on the 2nd Amendment either way (and who hasn’t?), then you need to watch this. And for all the gun owners that this segment will no doubt offend, Jefferies recently posted the following to his Facebook page.

And just to clarify, by “nut jobs” he probably means people like this guy:


Watch part two of the gun control stand up routine below.

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  • Brian

    FUCK THIS aussie CUNT.!!!

    • saultite

      while it may be comedy it is quite on the mark!!!

  • lookatthisdamncomment

    one day, in the future, the government might get to a point where they need people to do something the government says is in their best interest, but the people think it’s not. On that day, the people will say ‘NO’, but since the government will be the only one with guns, the government will simply say ‘oh really?’, and that will be that. You WILL do what the government says, or you will be killed, end of story. What people like this guy believes, is that it is impossible for that day to come. That is where he is wrong. 100% wrong. This is why the Right to Bear Arms is so important: not to be a douche with a gun, but to one day have the option of saying ‘NO’ to the government that is clearly oppressive and wrong. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    • I am Groot

      And like the guy said, have fun taking potshots at a tank with your hunting rifle. If the government went complete dictator we wouldn’t have much of a chance because they would have much better weapons.

      • lookatthisdamncomment

        assuming ‘tank crews’ will blatantly follow idiots in washingtons’ orders…

      • Loui Siana

        The misconception is that the Military numbers are great. The Army makes up about 1% of the U.S. population. A few tanks vs thousands don’t stand a chance.

      • Bladerunner64

        You’re right I am Groot, but you have to consider that any and all military weapons, vehicles, airplanes, ships, etc… require fuel, and spare parts, oh, let’s not forget ammo. If these weapon systems are not maintained, they eventually quit functioning. If fuel isn’t delivered, they quit running. I can go on and on but I figure you get the idea. You’re also assuming that military personnel will follow orders blindly, maybe some will but I doubt all of them will, in which case, we would have us a civil war. There are plenty of veterans out here that know the weapon systems and their weak points, know how to make explosives, IED’s, booby traps, etc…in other words, don’t write off the little guy just because he doesn’t have a tank at his disposal. Remember the “sticky bombs” from Saving Private Ryan?

  • Devil Dog

    LOL This dude’s hilarious. Points taken but still supporting 2nd amendment. Sure it’s there for a reason.