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Apparently there is a new Star Wars film hitting a movie theater near you soon. Who knew? Don’t they think to publicize this kind of news? So it’s time to get all fired up and nostalgic about the whole Star Wars saga that pretty much everyone on the planet has grown up with.

But don’t for a minute think that we are going to showcase some of the most memorable scenes from the movie franchise. Oh no, if you want to remember Star Wars the way it should be remembered then you really need to consult Adult Swim.

Yep, if you want the memories and the lolz that the films really deserve then it’s time to pay homage to the series of sketches that were made for Adult Swim under the guise of Robot Chicken, a pop-culture parody using stop-motion animation of toys, action figures and dolls.

And of course the most famous stormtrooper of them all. Gary.

This is how i’d like to remember the Star Wars characters i grew up with, not for what they were doing in all of those blockbuster films, but what they got up to in normal, everyday life.

Here are ten of my all-time best Robot Chicken moments:


Speeder Accident – My favorite Robot Chicken Star Wars clip (featuring Gary of course), if you are not the greatest fan of those furry midgets in Star Wars you’re gonna love this.


The Emperor’s Phone Call – When the Death Star gets destroyed by the rebel alliance the Emperor gets a bad phone call from Darth Vader.


Take Your Daughter to Work Day – Gary the Stormtrooper needs to spend more time with his little girl while he crushes the Rebel Alliance and looks for missing droids.


Driving the Death Star – This is the last time Gary does a favor for a fellow Imperial officer.


Not Fully Operational Battle Station – The Emperor has a few problems with the contractors on the Death Star.


One-Armed Wampa – Luke is forced to confront the cosequences of his impulsive actions on Hoth.


Hold the Elevator – Someone should really tell Palpatine about the Death Star’s freight elevator, no one ever uses that thing.


Storm Troopers at the Moisture Farm – This is why the Lars family can’t have nice things.


Slight Weapons Malfunction – Han Solo is better with a blaster than with words.


The Emperor’s Back – The Emperor takes us on a journey of self-reflection.

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    So, this is just basically your favorite Robot Chicken Star Wars bits…