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In the animal kingdom most baby animals are adorable. Unless they happen to baby spiders, that is—but even with arachnids you just know some biologist somewhere will no doubt have a soft spot for them.

But the general rule is, if they’re fluffy they’re cute. And nothing it seems is fluffier and therefore cuter than a fox cub (forget for a moment that once they are fully grown they will most probably destroy your garden).

Maybe it was watching Disney’s The Fox and the Hound throughout childhood that has created bias towards them, but you’ll find it hard not to make cooing sounds while looking at pics of fox babies.

It might have something to do with witnessing young wild animals displaying a pack mentality as they learn from each other as they play, teaching each other how to survive in their environment,

Which all takes place in your back garden.

Whether they’re sleeping, playing, wet, dry, or just being cheeky they seem like cuddly stuffed toys come to life, put there on this earth for humans to swoon at their adorability.

It’s a shame you can’t adopt them, ALL of them, but then they’d grow up into adult foxes and leave fox shit all over your home. And that would stink. Not to mention those weird noises they make when they’re mating.

Let’s just enjoy these images instead and pretend they never grow up.




































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