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A company in Seattle called Artful Ashes will help you remember lost loved ones by turning their ashes into a beautiful swirling glass sculpture. Using glass blowing the company will take one tablespoon of ashes and use that to create a bespoke glass orb or heart memorial. They also include swirls of color—gold, purple, aqua—that create stunning patterns and can also include inscribed messages.

“Our artists capture the essence of your loved ones spirit in a swirl of color and ashes, sealed forever within beautiful glass art,” Artful Ashes say. “These amazing pieces comfort your grieving, allowing you to hold and treasure your memories.” Families can also come to the studio and participate as the sculpture is being created.

A death of a family member, partner or friend is a very difficult and sad time for all concerned, it’s not something any of us want to experience, but unfortunately it is inevitable that at some point in your life you will experience this at least once. Once the initial shock of their passing has subsided there comes the task of organizing the funeral, a ceremony connected with the burial (or cremation, etc.) of the body of a dead person.

How Do The Artful Ashes Glass Sculptures Work

artful ashes cremated sculptures 77.Atrful Ashes employee forms molten glass into a glass sculpture – Img Source / Ken Lambert, Seattle Times

However, once that is over you are left with the sadness that the person you once loved is no longer around all you have to remember them by are the treasured memories and photographs you have gathered while they were alive. However, there is a always great sense of loss that their physical presence has now gone for ever.

It’s a difficult time for all concerned, but Artful Ashes offer a solution for a lasting memorial of your loved one that you can keep in your house. “It is closure for a lot of people while also giving them something that fits perfectly in their hands,” Christina, 49, said. “It is not a paperweight and we designed it not to be on purpose,” the Artful Ashes co-founder continues.

The memorials can cost from around $145 according to My Modern Met, and even though the company are based in Seattle, Washington they ship all across the US. It might not be most conventional way of remembering the deceased, but it’s certainly a beautiful way to keep the memory of a loved one alive.

You can check out some of the designs below. And visit the company’s website for more details.

Examples Of The Artful Ashes Glass Mementos



artful ashes cremated sculptures 01.


artful ashes cremated sculptures 02.


artful ashes cremated sculptures 03.


artful ashes cremated sculptures 04.


artful ashes cremated sculptures 05.


artful ashes cremated sculptures 06.


1artful ashes cremated sculptures 07.


artful ashes cremated sculptures 08.


artful ashes cremated sculptures 09.


artful ashes cremated sculptures 10.


artful ashes cremated sculptures 11.


artful ashes cremated sculptures 12.


artful ashes cremated sculptures 13.

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