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It’s true that hair trends come and go, but it’s also true that new hair really does mean a new you. It might not seem like much, but these cool 2017 hair trends offering a new hairstyle can give you confidence and a fresh lease on life. Your hair is there to be experimented with. So, don’t feel like you have to endure keeping the same old hairstyle for most of your adult life – try switching it up and give yourself a change every now and again.

It’s a sure-fire guarantee that you and others around you will definitely sit up and take notice if you do.

However, the only problem with new hair trends is when it comes to what to choose for a hair change. There are always so many at once, that deciding what look you’re after can be somewhat difficult. Well, to help you decide, we’re going to present four very cool 2017 hair trends that we think are incredibly stylish. Take a look below.

2017 Hair Trends: 1 / ‘Purple Rain’

Blue, green, and red hair dye have definitely had their time in the sun, but move over because there’s a new kid on the block. In addition to the peacock trend that was a huge trend at the start of 2017, purple has come out of nowhere to become quite possibly one of the coolest hair dye trends of 2017.

It’s good to know that you’ll be in good company as well, with the likes of high-profile celebrities like Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, and Justine Skye who are all currently trying it out and looking awesome.

But before you go putting your head over the bathroom sing, a word of warning: Make sure you don’t go for the no-name supermarket brand, as unfortunately those colors rarely look like they do on the box! Schwarzkopf is one of the more trusted brands out there, but in any case, go for a company you’ve actually heard of.

2017 Hair Trends: 2 / ‘Lob It Up’

Want to reinvent yourself? Then look no further than a new 2017 hair trend that’s being nicknamed the “lob.” It’s called this because it has the makings of a bob, but at a much longer length (hence, a longer bob = lob).

We love this because for some people, going all the way with a bob is not a step they feel comfortable with, but a lob is much more acceptable. Check out some of these celebs looking great with this trendy hairstyle.

2017 Hair Trends: 3 / ‘Go With The Bubble Braid’

The lower ponytail has started to become quite a prevalent with models on runways and fashion shoots lately, but alas it’s no match for the immediate “wow” factor that comes with the bubble braid. And it’s so easy to do.

This cool hair trend has a slightly futuristic look about it (maybe this will still be popular in the year 2117), the bubble braid is best suited to those with very long hair, as around six hair ties are needed in your hair every 3-4 inches to create the “bubble” effect. It looks amazing and it’s incredibly convenient. Try it if you have long hair.

2017 Hair Trends: 4 / ‘Bleach Buzz Cut’

Although this might be a tough move for some people, especially if you love your flowing hair, getting the buzz cut and then bleaching your hair is hugely popular right now. This 2017 hair trend sees the likes of Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne being among the growing number of celebrities who have rocked the bleached hair buzz cut in front of press cameras, but we certainly don’t think they will be the last. It’s total proof that ‘less is more.’

On the plus side, having shorter hair means getting ready in the morning suddenly becomes ten times quicker!

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