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Men hate shopping. Period. With the arrival Of Black Friday and Cyber Monday women all around the world will be reinforced with the conviction that on-line shopping is a poor substitute for the real thing and will be busy planning their next mall adventure in search of that elusive bargain.

But before you do, spare a thought for the poor males of the world, taking a man on a shopping trip to the mall is actually a modern form of torture that should be included in The Geneva Conventions.

No man likes to follow his better half around the endless maze of lingerie departments or tailgate them like a lost puppy through a shoe shop. Why? Well, because men hate shopping.

If Men Hate Shopping So Much, Why Do they Do it?

Men Hate shopping 22.

That is the question no one knows the answer to, there are too many complex factors to this paradigm. But they do it regardless. They do it with feet that ache to rest on the nearest step or comfortable chair. They do it with a reluctance that makes them look entirely, utterly, dejectedly, miserable.

Thankfully someone set up a ‘Men Hate Shopping’ Instagram account to collate these incidents of men looking like someone’s just shat in their beer.

It’s called miserable_men and there’s some choice pics from it below. Follow the account for more and you can also submit your own images of your recent shopping horror stories.

It’s time the world needs to prevent these barbaric crimes from continuing.

27 Very Sad Image Of Miserable Men Out Shopping

men hate shopping 01.


men hate shopping 02.


men hate shopping 03.


men hate shopping 04.


men hate shopping 05.


men hate shopping 06.


Miserable guys 07.


Miserable guys 08.


Miserable guys 09.


Miserable guys 10.


Miserable guys 05.


Miserable guys 04.


Miserable guys 03.


Miserable guys 02.


Miserable guys 01.


Black Friday Hell 01.


Black Friday Hell 02.


Black Friday Hell 03.


Black Friday Hell 04.


Black Friday Hell 05.


Black Friday Hell 06.


Black Friday Hell 07.


Black Friday Hell 08.


Black Friday Hell 09.


Black Friday Hell 10.


Cyber Monday agony 01.


Cyber Monday agony 02.

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