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The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition takes place annually and showcases some of the most ambitious and stunning wildlife photography around. This year is it 50th anniversary.

From the website:

For 50 years, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition has championed honest and ethical wildlife photography, while pushing the boundaries of artistic freedom, technical skill and narrative excellence.

The international competition is presented by London’s Natural History Museum and the BBC—a jury picks their favorite 50 photos from 41,000 entries, which the public then vote on. The winners of the public vote will be announced next month and below is a selection of some of the incredible images from this year’s entrants.

Apex Predators by Justin Black
'Apex Predators' by Justin Black


Australian Sea Lion Pups by Michael Patrick O’Neill
'Australian Sea Lion Pups' by Michael Patrick O'Neill


Bad Hair Day by Gordon Illg
'Bad Hair Day' by Gordon Illg


Barracuda Swirl by Alexander Mustard
'Barracuda Swirl' by Alexander Mustard


Bat Festival by João Paulo Krajewski
'Bat Festival' by João Paulo Krajewski


Big Mouth by Adriana Basques
'Big Mouth' by Adriana Basques


Caiman Night by Luciano Candisani
'Caiman Night' by Luciano Candisani


Dantes Inferno by Karen-Lunney
'Dantes Inferno' by Karen Lunney


Dawn Lift Off by Jack Dykinga
'Dawn Lift-Off' by Jack Dykinga


Facebook Update by Marsel van Oosten
'Facebook Update' by Marsel van Oosten


Great Peacock Moth Caterpillar by Leela Channer
'Great Peacock Moth Caterpillar' by Leela Channer


Helical by Frederic Brioris
'Helical' by Frederic Brioris


King Penguins and Fur Seals by Denise Ippolito
'King Penguins and Fur Seals' by Denise Ippolito


Kings into the Dark by Stanley-Leroux
'Kings into the Dark' by Stanley Leroux


Ladybird Spider by Carsten Braun
'Ladybird Spider' by Carsten Braun


Moonlight Climber by Alexander Badyaev
'Moonlight Climber' by Alexander Badyaev


One Eye On You by Mohammad Khorshed
'One Eye On You' by Mohammad Khorshed


Piraputangus by Adriana-Basques
'Piraputangus' by Adriana Basques


Pure Magic by Raviprakash S S'Pure Magic' by Raviprakash S S


Shoaling Reef Squid by Tobias Bernhard
'Shoaling Reef Squid' by Tobias Bernhard


Shoulder Check by Henrik Nilsson
'Shoulder Check' by Henrik Nilsson


Startled by Stargazer by Jennifer Jo Stock
'Startled by Stargazer' by Jennifer Jo Stock

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